Hope & Lachlan are an ace couple from Australia. They contacted me because they wanted to elope in Barcelona. No, not Barcelona, in Ronda. Maybe. “Do you guys have heard of Lanzarote?” And that was the end of it.

Lanzarote is an incredible volcanic island in the middle of the Atlantic. Black, red and browns are the colours of the soil, the mountains and the cliffs. And white are its houses. It’s a dreamlike landscape, the perfect setting for two young birds in love looking to get married with just two friends and the sea as witnesses. 

Saying that it was the most magical experience is falling short. Hope and Lachy are wonderful humans I’m happy to call friends, and Rachel and Jose were the perfect companions for this fun adventure, and the dinner they prepared will be remembered for long (I think there’s still food in the fridge from that night)

We also had the best company. Yolanda from Best Day Ever did the beautiful bouquet, crown and all the flowers and styling for the table where we all had dinner, as usual rocking the flower game. Monika Frias shot the video. The preview is already killing it, can’t wait for the full clip.

The beautiful villa where we stayed is the Buenavista Lanzarote, a magical place to disconnect and enjoy the island, serving the best breakfast ever. 

I can’t wipe my smile going back trough this day. So please watch and enjoy this set as we all did that summer day.

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