Marcos Sanchez
Marcos Sanchez
Barcelona & Sitges Wedding Photographer

I provide tangible memories of love


Weddings are a beautiful story. Also the beginning of a wonderful one.

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Will you let me tell yours?


See some examples of passion, cuteness and rad dance moves

AKA latest weddings from the blog

Loredana & Jonathan at Masia Montemolar

Loredana & Jonathan at Masia Montemolar

Jasmine & Charlie at Mas Terrats

Jasmine & Charlie at Mas Terrats


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Read what they say. The couples, not the moms.


"Marcos .. You have captured an essence that in anyone else's hands would have been as fleeting as the champagne .. We can't thank you enough brother xxx!!!"


"Marcos – what a guy! We are so thrilled with our photos. He absolutely nailed it and captured beautiful candid moments. We can’t recommend him more highly enough!"

/  EMMA & ALI  /

"Thank you Marcos for being such a legend. We will cherish our photos and the memories we have of you for a lifetime." 




That’s latest entries on the blog but trying to make a joke with everyone’s favourite 80s band. It’s a terrible joke, sorry about it.


Best venues in the Barcelona area to celebrate your wedding. from old masias to modern hotels, here’s my pick of my favourite venues..

I'm always happy to come back to Casa Felix. It's one of my all-time favourite venues…

St Stephens Trust is an old church that's been restored and now hosts a variety of events, gatherings, concerts and... yes, weddings! Sarah and Ben's wedding...



 Oh, hi! Most likely you landed here looking looking for a photographer. You're just in the right place.

Most of the couples I work with come looking for the sun, the beach, the sea breeze infused with the smell of pine trees… And also for the wine. They come to spend an amazing time with their friends & family and celebrate their love. They leave happy, exhausted and tanned, as a new family.

I provide a simple service: to capture all that's going to happen and create beautiful memories from it with my giant bearded ninja abilities.

Let me be part of your story and capture those moments bursting with love & joy. I'll create memories for a lifetime... and maybe drink some of your wine.