I love England. When I was in college I always thought I would move there at some point.  I love the light (specially when it’s not raining), the buildings, the colour of the trees, the accent, the food (obviously here you should include indian, thai, and all the variety you can find there) and specially the fact that I’ve always met wonderful people there. One of those is Igor Demba, an amazing photographer and friend. So shooting a wedding in England with him was a blast. 

Julia and Kevin got married at Yeldersley Hall in Ashbourne on a sunny summer day. It was a fun day with best friends and family in a beautiful country venue where great things happened like giant jenga, a game of sticks no one agreed on the name, a huge cage for selfies, beers on a pub, two lovely people in love, and lastly me being introduced to Pimm’s. Not bad for a summer day.

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