Last august I had a weekend off, without weddings, so we went to discover Slovakia and Poland. Slovakia is a small country where the lack of highways makes driving 50km a 2 hour endeavor of trying to pass trucks curve after curve. But that slow rhythm lets you appreciate the incredible landscape: woods after woods, small villages, wooden churches and fairytale castles. It’s a country not very touristy and well deserves a visit.

Poland is similar but different. It’s a much bigger and developed country with a long history. Medieval areas mix with communist architecture neighborhoods and small country villages. The polish people is very friendly and open, and though not many speak english they strife to communicate. As an example, a waitress making impressions of animals to explain the different dishes on the menu. Food deserves a mention too, is so good! It’s heavy, mostly stews, as the winters there are long, but it’s delicious. And my favorite town: Krakow, where medieval meets the communism, and where the famous jewish area, known for being the ghetto during the nazi ocupation, reinvents itself and turns into the coolest area in the country. It’s the perfect city for a weekend getaway.

All pictures taken with the Contax 645 and the Canon F1, using Fuji 400H and Fuji Superia 200.

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